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Titleist ProV1 Golf Balls  2016

Titleist ProV1 Golf Balls  2016 Titleist ProV1 Golf Balls  2016 Titleist ProV1 Golf Balls  2016

Titleist ProV1 Golf Balls 2016 - Titleist

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Introducing the 2015 Titleist Pro V1; longer, softer and even more durable. This year sees the emergence of Titleist R&D’s patented Thermoset Urethane Elastomer cover that offers players more short game spin and control, and softer feel – while maintaining their exceptional distance and flight characteristics, and best-in-class durability. The #1 Ball in Golf’s latest offering has been extensively tested and researched by Titleist Golf Ball R&D and Operations teams, representing more than 20,000 years of golf ball-making expertise.

Compared to the Pro V1x the Pro V1 has a 3 piece design with a ZG process core resulting in a more penetrating ball flight with a shallower angle of descent for extra roll off the tee. The ionomeric casing layer with the brand new Thermoset Urethane Elastomer cover increase feel on shorter irons and around the green. This new ‘thermoset’ cover allows Titleist R&D to actively change the chemical composition of the cover to increase feel without affecting the famous durability of the Pro V1x. Unlike most other golf ball brands Titleist have funded their own R&D department to manufacture their covers rather than buying an aftermarket product from a different manufacturer. This allows Titleist to reduce their tolerances and increase consistency due to rigorous performance and player testing to make sure every single golf ball has the consistent flight and spin control. In terms of game improvement these parameters are crucial, whether you are a tour pro or your average club golfer, when

lowering your scores.