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TaylorMade M-CGB Irons 5-SW REG    steel steel

TaylorMade M-CGB Irons 5-SW REG    steel steel

TaylorMade M-CGB Irons 5-SW REG steel steel - TaylorMade

RRP £899.99

Our Price: £499.99

Product description

This Club has been maxed out for every shot you could imagine! The key concepts that have been taken forward by the designers are distance, height and forgiveness.... I don't think anyone could argue that this would make a pretty spectacular club.

Gain better distances than ever before

Using an iron that offers incredible distances allows you to take less club into the green, which increases your accuracy and also improves your control on the approach. Integrated speed pocket technology gives the added bonus of consistently faster ball speeds even on lower strikes onto the club face. This will give the confidence to go and attack any pin!

Hitting the heights

Hitting the ball onto the green is one thing, but keeping the ball there is a whole different ball game! With the fluted hosel and a 360 degree undercut, it saves more weight than ever and delivers an incredibly low centre gravity placement which dramatically improves your ability to hit high and far but also land it soft.

TaylorMade M-CGB features:

  • Club head face slots for extra forgiveness
  • Fluted hosel and undercut for extra height
  • Better height means softer landing on the green
  • Designed to give even better distance

Shaft Options:



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