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Srixon AD333 24 Ball Super Sleeve

Srixon AD333 24 Ball Super Sleeve

Srixon AD333 24 Ball Super Sleeve - Srixon

RRP £40.00

Our Price: £29.99

Product description

This is the 7th generation of the Srixon AD333 golf ball and with the new technology that has been used it is easy to see why it will remain the UK’s best selling two-piece golf ball.

The biggest advancement in the AD333 golf ball is the introduction of Srixon Spin Skin technology. Spin Skin technology has previously only been used on their premium golf balls but now you will gain extreme control and added feel on the AD333 golf ball. Spin Skin creates more friction between the golf ball and clubface to produce incredible feel, spin and control from your wedges.

Srixon have also used their new 324 dimple pattern so that the ball has extremely low drag through the air making extremely stable in the wind for better distances. To make the ball more visible through the air and also on the odd occasion you miss the fairway Srixon have applied their Pure White finish to the AD333 golf ball.

  • Reduced drag
  • Enhanced surface area coverage
  • Greater distance

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